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About ConnectSeven

Combining Event Expertise with Global Community and Tourism Consultants

Operating around the world from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, ConnectSeven is a boutique consulting and event management firm focused on destination and community development. We are the only firm to combine award-winning event expertise with global tourism and community development consultants. Collaboratively, we capture the attention of residents, visitors and change-leaders to build communities and destinations that residents are proud to call home and tourists long to visit.

Innovative events, marketing, and development strategies

ConnectSeven partners with organizations to connect the right people in the right places by producing innovative events, developing innovative strategies and spreading global messages. We will push the limits to steer through the dynamic and disrupting forces that communities are now experiencing. In addition to event management, we specialize in market research, stakeholder engagement and strategy development ensuring that each project is built on a foundation of industry trends, best practices and innovative partnerships.

Tourism Specialists

ConnectSeven was formed around a realized need to fill the gap between catch-all event companies and a lack of industry-specific expertise. With that came a collaboration between Alexis Kereluk, an event specialist and global tourism consultant, and Emma Parston, an award-winning and globally recognized event designer, producer and strategist. We offer unique tourism insight not available with traditional event management companies.

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